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Back-Pack Sprayers and Backpack Sprayers

Back-Pack Sprayer and Backpack Sprayers

professional backpack sprayers

The AP-30 and the AP-25 professional backpack sprayers look similar and use the same parts except that the pump assemblies are different.

The AP-30 back-pack sprayer with its diaphragm pump creates a lower pressure (70 p.s.i.) and does everything that the AP-25 backpack sprayer will do but performs best in weed control and the application of wettable powders. The AP-30 back-pack sprayer's diaphragm pump mechanism is extremely durable and is practically maintenance free and protects the operator from potential leaks and is capable of many thousands of strokes without a leak.

This lightweight all plastic back-pack hand operated sprayer is designed without metal or rubber parts subjected to contact with the
chemical formula. It is guaranteed against corrosion, swelling, shrinking or dissolving of valve and pump components when used with currently accepted agrochemical dissolved in water or oil.

The 4-gallon non-pressurized formula tank is made of
high-tensile polyethylene supported by a strong tubular steel frame. The contoured back and new extra wide non-absorbent should straps offer a maximum of operator comfort.

The hand shut-off valve is operated by squeezing a large comfortable trigger which may be set for continuous spraying.

All parts are made of high-grade plastics resisting corrosive effects of any water or oil based chemicals such as disinfectants, germicides, commercial game repellents and tarry substance not normally recommended for application by sprayers with rubber, buna, or neopreme components.

Tank Capacity : 4 US Gallons
Filler Opening : 4 In.
Pressure Chamber : 1.3 Liter
Operating Pressure : 0-70 PSI
Pump Displacement : 5 Cu. In.
Width : 14.5 In.
Depth : 8.25 In.
Weight, empty : 9.5 Lbs.
Weight, shipping : 12 Lbs.

---- Suggested retail price : $94.00

Repairs will seldom be necessary. However, if something does go wrong, we offer individual parts for the AP-25 and AP-30. Click here for the parts and service bulletin information page for these professional backpack sprayers.

Diaphragm Pump Assembly

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